Russia, Republic of Karelia.

The Republic of Karelia is a region in northwest Russia, bordering Finland. Beside Lake Onega, capital city Petrozavodsk is home to cultural artifacts at the National Museum. On an island northeast, Kizhi Museum is an open-air complex of traditional wood buildings. Northwest, Kivach Nature Reserve has pine woods and a waterfall. West of Petrozavodsk, blue-domed Valaam Monastery is on an island in massive Lake Ladoga.

M10 highway Moscow - St. Petersburg

M10 highway Moscow – St. Petersburg, turn on the highway M18/R21 “Kola” St. Petersburg – Petrozavodsk – Murmansk – Borisoglebskiy.

Karelia, Russia

The Republic of Karelia is situated in northern Europe, in the north-western part of Russia, bordering the White Sea in the north-east.

Karelia, Russia


Resort Marcial Waters

The resort “Marcial Waters” is located 55 km from the city of Petrozavodsk, the resort was founded in 1719 by Peter I. At 10 km there is a ski resort in Spasskaya Guba, 56 km – Kivach waterfall.

Karelia, Russia


Karelia, Matkozhnenskaya HPP

Russia, the Republic of Karelia. Matkozhnenskaya HPP, technical plant project developed in 1948 by the construction of hydroelectric power station started in 1948. Start assembly held January 1, 1953

Republic of Karelia. Matkozhnenskaya HPP

Russia, the Republic of Karelia. Matkozhnenskaya HPP.

Republic of Karelia

Karelia, Kem, Sokol settlement, Su-15 TM aircraft. The Su-15 fighter-interceptor was developed at the P.O. Sukhoi Design Bureau and is a further development of the Su-9 and Su-11 supersonic interceptors. The Sukhoi Su-15 is a twinjet supersonic interceptor aircraft developed by the Soviet Union. It entered service in 1965 and remained one of the front-line designs into the 1990s.

Louhi-Kestenga, Karelia

In August 1941, 23 Guards Rifle Division was fighting in the area of Louhi-Kestenga Karelian Front and thwart the plans of a breakthrough to the Kirov railroad.

Louhi-Kestenga, Karelia, WWII

Memorial complex “Firing position” was built in 1975. in honor of the Soviet soldiers who stopped the enemy offensive at Loukhi station in 1941. On the pedestal there is a memorial plaque with the inscription “At this turn in 1941, the heroism of Soviet soldiers stopped the offensive of the fascist invaders.” It is located 45 km of the Louhi-Kestenga highway.

Louhi-Kestenga, Karelia, WWII


Russia, Karelia, Louhi-Kestenga

The road A-136 begins in the village Louhi at the intersection of federal highways M-18/R21, passes through the towns: Pine, Kestenga Sofporog, Pjaozersky and ends at the international border crossing point Suoperä on the border with Finland. Length – 170 km.

Monument of the Finnish soldiers killed battlefield in Kestengi district.

Monument of the Finnish soldiers killed and remained on the battlefield in Kestengi district in 1941-1944.

Battlefield in Kestengi district in 1941-1944

Battlefield in Kestengi district in 1941-1944