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Fordzon-Putilovets tractor

Fordzon-Putilovets tractor in Staroe Sandovo Tver region

Fordzon-Putilovets is a wheeled tractor produced at the Krasny Putilovets plant in Leningrad since 1924 under license from Ford. It was a copy of the American Fordson-F tractor.

The tractor had a layout, which was later called the classic for wheeled tractors: the two rear wheels of increased diameter are leading, and the two front wheels are guides.

The tractor’s carburetor engine (fuel – kerosene) with a vertical arrangement of cylinders had a power of only 20 horsepower. Lubrication of the engine was carried out by spraying lubrication (as in the Ford T, Ford A, GAZ-A) and during heavy agricultural work did not provide effective engine lubrication. The tractor had a frameless design – the engine crankcase was one with the frame of the tractor and perceived the load arising during operation (this scheme later became generally accepted). The rear wheels of the tractor, not protected by wings, could cause the tractor driver to injure their lugs, and when working during bad weather they splashed it with dirt.

The fuel tank had a capacity of 63 kg of kerosene, the engine cooling system could hold 46 liters of water. The transmission had three forward speeds (from 2.3 to 11 km / h) and one back (4.2 km / h).

In total, 36,100 Forzon-Putilovets tractors were manufactured (according to other data, 49,568). They could work with the plow and the simplest mounted agricultural implements, they could also drive stationary machines. The tractor was widely used during the period of collectivization in the USSR. Meanwhile, over time, it turned out that the tractor design, oversimplified in the pursuit of low cost, designed for relatively small farms with hours of use not exceeding 500–600 h / year, is poorly adapted for working conditions in large collective farms created in the USSR its separate units turned out to be capricious and demanding maintenance. In 1932, the Fordzon-Putilovets was discontinued – the advantage was given to tractors of the type International-Harvester, which were produced at the Stalingrad and Kharkov factories.

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