Autumn in Borely Park

Parc Borély is a public municipal park in Marseille and it is classified by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France.

The park was created back in the 17th century by a French ship owner and merchant Joseph Borely and had undergone many interesting events and modifications since. For example from 16 to 31 July 1910 the first fortnight of aviation is held in the park; this was the first time an airplane has flown over Marseille.

Another interesting fact is that since 1962, the park has hosted the Marseillaise international pétanque competition, which is the the largest petanque competition in the world, bringing together nearly 12,000 players from all over France and several countries each year.

The park covers 17 hectares and consists of: an English garden, a French garden, a rose garden and a botanical garden named after its founder E.M. Heckel. Along side the park runs a racetrack which was open in 1860.

At the heart of the park, right by the French garden, is the Borély castle, built in the 18th century by a wealthy family from Marseille. Today the castle is classified as a historical monument and since 2013 it has housed the Museum of Decorative Arts.