Vallon des Auffes

The Vallon des Auffes is a tiny fishing village hidden inside the city of Marseille filled with beautiful traditional seaside cabins built by local fishermen.

It is situated 2.5 km south-west of the Vieux-Port over the corniche Kennedy, between the Catalans beach and Malmousque bay. Its can be accessed by a few narrow staircases one of which links corniche Président John F Kennedy with the little harbour.

The Vallon des Auffes is made by over 50 fisher cabins and small traditional fishing boats wedged between two cliffs facing towards the sea; it gives an impression of being lost in time in comparison to other more modernized parts of Marseille.

Very unique, authentic and picturesque this tiny port offers a few traditional restaurants with magnificent view and it is definetly one of the must-see spots to visit and relax while in Marseille!