Corniche Président Kennedy

The ledge of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (locally knows as La Corniche) is the main coastal road of Marseille that runs along the Mediterranean Sea from the beach at Catalans to the beaches of Prado.  It is named after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the United States president assassinated in 1963. Starting as a simple path, constructed from 1850 – 1861, this beautiful coastal road was originally only 10 meters wide; however it was expanded from 1957 – 1968 making it 22 meters wide today.

It overlooks the Mediterranean sea and its islands. Along it are fishermen’s barracks, villas, hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches.

The Corniche passes over the Vallon des Auffes ( Check out here: 

! Fun fact—> On the sea side of the Corniche you can walk along side the “world’s longest bench” which runs nearly 3 km (1.9 mi) length, with almost no interruption.